Empowering Leaders, Transforming Lives, Impacting Eternal Legacy


Embark on a transformative journey that blends your rich experience in business with your spiritual wisdom? At Kingdom Factor, we’re inviting you to step into a role that transcends the ordinary, offering a unique opportunity to impact lives, foster growth, and build a legacy that lasts an eternity.

Make Your Mark with Kingdom Factor

With Kingdom Factor, your years of hard-earned experience in the business world, combined with the depth of your spiritual journey, becomes the cornerstones for empowering other business leaders.


Imagine a career where you can:

  • Impact Lives: Guide business leaders through their professional and spiritual growth, helping them navigate challenges with wisdom and integrity.
  • Earn While You Mentor: Secure a rewarding income, whether you’re looking for part-time engagement or a full-time commitment, by equipping Christians in business to thrive both personally and spiritually.
  • Follow a Proven System: Save time and resources with our turnkey KF Operating System, designed to set you up for success as a coach. Everything you need to excel is laid out and ready for you.
  • Lead the Leaders: Mentor and coach top-tier Christian business leaders and entrepreneurs, aiding them in fulfilling God’s calling on their lives.

A Kingdom Factor Coach understands the tension that business leaders feel – the struggle to reconcile what is visible to others, their inner thoughts and feelings, and God’s true calling for their life and business. The Kingdom Factor Operating System that a Coach is equipped with is more than just a plan; it is a comprehensive guide designed to help members navigate and address these tensions, providing a pathway to align actions with members faith and purpose. Together, we strive to create a community that not only acknowledges the challenges but actively supports and empowers each member to thrive in both their professional and personal journey.

The Kingdom Factor Coaches Serve:

  • “C Suite” Executives (CMO, CFO, CTO, CIO, COO, Vice Presidents) of Privately Held Companies/Christian Ministries/Non-Profits 
  • Christian Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Presidents, CEOs of Privately Held Companies 
  • Early Adopters/Innovators/Cutting Edge Leaders

The Kingdom Factor Coaches Provide:

  • Personal Coaching: Kingdom Factor Coaches offer a unique blend of professional development intertwined with spiritual guidance, ensuring that KF members leadership journey and business growth are in sync with God’s plan for them and their organization.
  • Peer Group Council(s): Facilitated by the Coach, KF peer groups offer business leaders an indispensable platform for personal and professional growth. They foster a safe space for candid dialogue, a wealth of diverse insights, a catalyst for innovation, and a source of accountability and support, all while encouraging ethical leadership, stewardship, and service to others. Joining a KF peer group aligned with Christian principles can empower leaders to unlock their full potential, achieve their business goals, and make a lasting, positive impact in their industry and community.
  • Execution of KFOS: The Kingdom Factor Operating System (KFOS) offers a unique blend of practical business efficiency and spiritual integrity, providing Christian business leaders with a comprehensive framework to run their business in a way that is both profitable and principled. It leverages the power of faith to inspire ethical business practices, foster a positive corporate culture, and make a meaningful impact on society.
  • Relationship Building: Kingdom Factor Coach steps into a role where relationship building is at the heart of transforming Christian business leadership. In this pivotal position, you are called to forge deep, meaningful relationships with local Christian business leaders, laying a strong foundation of trust, collaboration, and mutual spiritual growth. Your mentorship is key in guiding these leaders through the complexities of integrating faith with their business practices, turning their enterprises into powerful platforms for ministry and impactful legacy.

The Kingdom Factor Coaches Deliver:

  • Investment in Leadership: The Kingdom Factor Coach is committed to equipping Christian business leaders who are interested in investing in themselves, and The KF Coach guides KF Members on a journey of self-discovery and growth.
  • Authentic Community: The KF Coach offers his/her KF members a community of like-minded Christian business peers who share common values and aspirations. The KF Coach forges connections that go beyond the boardroom and extend into the realms of faith and friendship.
  • Biblical Business Growth: The KF Coach equips his/her members to grow their business or organization on proven biblical principles and practices. KF Coaches offer strategic insights and recommendations to align leadership with both business acumen and biblical values.
  • Personal and Spiritual Thriving: The KF Coach guides his/her KF members on a journey in order to help them thrive personally and spiritually, finding balance in their personal and professional lives. The Kingdom Factor Coach is dedicated to helping KF Members experience peace, purpose, direction, clarity, and margin.
  • Impactful Legacy: The KF Coach offers the opportunity to be a part of something bigger. The KF Coach offers a movement that is not just about leadership; it’s about leaving a legacy that reflects God’s calling in the lives of Christian business leaders.

Learn From Other Coaches


 With your experience and interest in mentoring other business leaders to impact the Kingdom, we are sure you have questions. Here are just a few we have heard over the years:

  • Is this a full-time career opportunity or something I can add to what I already do?
  • What are the fees and income opportunity in being a KF Coach?
  • How do I get Christian business Leaders involved as members?
  • How much time does it take to succeed at this?
  • What is the most difficult part of succeeding as a Coach?


The Kingdom Factor Leadership Team has invested over 60 years and more than 80,000 hours collectively in coaching and equipping thousands of Christian business owners/leaders-making us among the most experienced and qualified team in the country to provide KF Council Members an exceptional experience.

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