Kingdom Factor Calling

"And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful leaders who will be able to teach others also." - 2 Timothy 2:2

Kingdom Factor leadership brings over 60 years of combined experience helping Christian business leaders become who and what God has called them to be. Our calling is building God’s Kingdom in and through the marketplace. Our passion is developing godly business leaders who are being transformed by Christ. Our model is focused on developing Coaches who are equipped to be a leader of leaders.

We’ve worn all the hats as business owners, coaches, and developers of successful coaching strategies and content for Christian business leaders. We understand marketplace ministry and what it means to lead a company rooted in Biblical principles. Living both sides of the coaching equation means we know what works, what doesn’t, and we know how to discern practical innovations from among all the options. The Kingdom Factor Operating System equips exceptional Christian business coaches to lead and serve their Cohort Members.

Our promises to our KF Coaches:

  1. Leverage our unique and proven experience and expertise to help you lead Christian business owners/leaders
  2. Cutting edge, state of the art content equipping you with the resources needed to help your KF Members and Clients thrive personally, spiritually, and in their business and leadership excellence.
  3. Comprehensive training and certification to position you for success
  4. A proven “turn-key” model that when followed, leads to your success and kingdom impact in the lives and businesses of your KF Group Members
  5. A business model that positions you with minimum ongoing expense and substantial income and ministry impact capacity
  6. You will experience personal, prompt, and professional response when help/assistance is needed
  7. You will never be alone – we are here with you every step of the way
  8. We “shoot straight” with you-with no hype or overpromising

Our Promises To KF Members:

  1. You will enjoy a highly trained professional certified Kingdom Factor Coach who is equipped to serve you utilizing the Kingdom Factor Operating System
  2. A powerful and proven model of a Christian Master Mind Group (KF Council) your own close community of like-minded faith-based business owners and leaders just like you, who will help you thrive personally, spiritually, and in your business leadership
  3. Resources, relationships, and tools to help you grow your business, and addressing your biggest issues and challenges, in business and in life
  4. State of the art cutting edge content and curriculum equipping you with advanced thought leadership materials to help you grow in your Personal Leadership, Biblical World-View Of Business, as well as Operational Excellence in your company/organization
  5. Satisfaction of accomplishing a minimum of 12 BIG GOALS each year- IMPERATIVES that are the most important in helping you “move the needle” in your life and business
  6. You will experience and enjoy a higher sense of purpose and calling in your business- as you grow in becoming who and what God is calling you to be
  7. An increased level of personal peace and margin as you discover and live a life in accordance with God’s purpose and plan for you
  8. As a KF Group Member, you will experience a powerful model that will help transform how and why you do business

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