Kingdom Factor Operating System

Leaders need Leaders so Christians in the marketplace have an operating system to become who and what God called them to be.

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Our community

The Kingdom Factor Community consists of professionally trained Coaches and their Christian Business Leader Members. The Coaches guide their Members through the proven and time-tested Kingdom Factor Operating System.

Our Coaches

KF Coaches are “leaders of leaders.” They complete thorough training and leverage their background and experience to equip KF Members to be transformed through The Kingdom Factor Operating SystemTM. They will guide you and other members through the Kingdom Factor Operating System; encouraging growth, relationship development, business wisdom and deep Biblical principles for application to your life, your leadership, and your business.

Our Members

KF Members are Christians In Business who are committed to discovering and fulfilling God’s calling on their lives – and who seek to grow as leaders of Kingdom focused businesses within a like-minded Peer and Coach driven community. Through The Kingdom Factor Operating SystemTM, they experience powerful cohorts in their local community, learn Best Practices, interact with high-profile keynote presenters and thought leaders, as well as receive advice and networking on a regional and national level.

The KF Operating System is a set of proven and time-tested tools designed to encourage and create a greater Community among Christian Business leaders (locally, Nationally and Globally) while coaching individual Members how to create a greater impact for the Kingdom; all leading, over time, to a transformational journey impacting all areas of life and business!

The Exclusive operating system consists of the following value points:

In a safe and confidential environment, KF Members develop authentic Biblical community with other like-minded Christian business leaders. Extraordinary value is received in a true “peer to peer” experience that delivers a powerful, engaging, and cutting-edge monthly meeting (face to face or virtual), where KF Coaches lead them through a proven model that blends Biblical principles with real-life business practicum. Powerful Conversations. Real Solutions. Kingdom Impact.
KF Members have the opportunity to participate in a virtual gathering where they share and learn topical expertise along-side other KF Members. No theory here! Just actual and absolute best practices that are transforming the businesses and lives of KF Members from across the nation.

Our Members enjoy these virtual meetings to network and connect with Members from around the country. Members get the opportunity to showcase their business while participants make new personal and business connections, and explore collaborative opportunities. 

Our Members rally and rave over our high-value, high-profile Christian business leaders that share “thought leadership” concepts and practices on growing and leading businesses on Biblical principles. These highly sought after speakers bring thousands of dollars of value and expertise to these unique and exclusive sessions.

Our Members collaborate, ask each other tough questions and get straight answers from other Members to grow their business and transform their lives with and through each other. Our Advice Network enables Member to Member connections that results in deeper relationships and expert advice at no charge.

Kingdom Factor Testimonies

Do You Meet the Criteria for A Community of Christian Business Leaders discovering their Calling?

Business owner/leader who is committed in being a Christ follower in business.

A desire to live out their faith in the marketplace with the hope of sharing the light of Jesus to their employees, customers, vendors, competitors, or any other individuals that Christ puts in their path.

Has a hunger to experience community with like-minded Christ followers in business.

Committed to make this a priority, committed to giving/helping other KF members and not just receiving from them.

Absolutely agrees to 100% confidentiality of all information, conversations among the KF community members and proprietary content information on the KF platform.

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