Kingdom Factor offers a wide variety of relevant, timely, and proven Biblically based content that provides Kingdom Factor Coaches the materials necessary to equip their Cohort Members to grow in their personal life and leadership, enhance their business acumen, and develop the depth and maturity in their walk with Jesus.

The Kingdom Factor team brings over 25 years of content development experience.  Our Coaches can always count on us to provide excellent content and learning materials for their Cohort Members. We make it easy for our Coaches to focus on building their Cohort Group(s) and develop deep relationships by serving their Members thru ongoing coaching and mentoring.

In order to maximize the value of participation in Kingdom Factor, it is important to understand that it takes three key components to make this a transformational experience for Coaches and their Members:

  1. CONTENT – there must be a continuous supply of relevant, innovative, valuable, effective, and Biblically based learning materials that provide the foundation for meaningful conversations that consistently challenge and inspire Christian business leaders to grow in all areas of their life and business leadership.
  1. CONTEXT- the Cohort experience, including the discussion and application of content, must be experienced within an environment of like-minded Christian business peers who truly “get it,” and who truly understand the pressure and loneliness of leadership.
  1. COMMUNITY- over time, deep, authentic, and transformational relationships are developed in a safe and confidential environment, where leaders grow to trust one another, rely on one another, and serve as a “Christian Board Of Advisors” to one another.

We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach. We provide the “chassis” and framework for Kingdom Factor Coaches, and our content features great flexibility for each Kingdom Factor Coach. We believe it is critical for each Coach to freely live out his/her personality aligned with their own preferred delivery style.

The Kingdom Factor Content Library features two delivery models, and each content element focuses in one of three subject matter categories, or “buckets.”

Kingdom Factor Coaches select one (1) content segment for each Cohort session.

Two Delivery Models

  1. Discussion – This delivery model typically features a very short video (usually two to three minutes or less), combined with a brief 1 to 2 page document, accompanied by meaningful discussion questions, designed to drive powerful discussion and application for Cohort Members.
  1. Didactic- This delivery model usually features a longer teaching video, and is accompanied by substantial written informational/instructional content designed to teach specific principles, models, technologies, etc, in order to equip Members with effective ideas and techniques to grow in a key area and/or topic of life and business.

Three Categories (“Buckets”)

Our content is rooted in one of the best verses on Biblical leadership found in Psalm 78:72:

“ And David shepherded them with integrity of heart, and with skillful hands he led them.”

This verse can be broken down into three distinct components:

  1. David – The Individual Leader
  2. Integrity of heart – Kingdom Worldview – doing the RIGHT THINGS
  3. Skillfull hands  – Operational Excellence- doing THINGS RIGHT

Each Kingdom Factor content segment is designed to specifically help Members in one of the three subject matter categories- grow in their Personal Leadership,  understanding and living out Kingdom Business, or in their Operational Excellence of building and leading a thriving Biblically based company or organization.

Personal Leadership content focuses on topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Developing Personal Mission Statement
  • Operationalizing Personal Core Values
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal Legacy Narrative
  • Living Out “Non-Negotiables”
  • Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts
  • DISC Profile- Behavioral Traits / Tendencies
  • Family Operational Plan

Kingdom Business content focuses on topics such as, but not limited to:

  • 3 World Views of Business
  • Fruit Of The Spirit In Business
  • 8 Traits Of The Kingdom Entrepreneur
  • 10 Keys To Kingdom Business
  • Developing Your Kingdom Business Model/Plan (Part 1)
  • Developing Your Kingdom Business Model/Plan (Part 2)
  • Diversity & Business (A Biblical Discussion)
  • Biblical Decision Making In Business
    • 4 Step Model
    • Servanthood vs. Stewardship Model
  • Business Legacy Statement

Operational Excellence content focuses on topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Mission / Vision / Core Values
  • Operationalizing Core Values
  • Developing Your “We Believe” Statements To Build Culture
  • VTO (Vision Traction Organizer)
  • People Analyzer
  • Keeping Top Talent (Why Talent Leaves)
  • Marketing / Collateral Review
  • Biblical Sales Model
  • 4 Disciplines of Execution

The consistent thread in Kingdom Factor, is that we want to make our Coaches the “hero” in the story. We believe in this so much that we even encourage and welcome our Coaches to partner with us in developing their own content to be used not only in their Cohort Group(s), but possibly leveraged by other Kingdom Factor Coaches across the country as well.

We position our Coaches to focus their activities and efforts where they will bring the greatest returns (spiritually, relationally, financially) by providing an excellent variety of proven content in specific categories of learning and application, combined with flexibility of delivery models.

This strategy positions Kingdom Factor Coaches to offer their Members a unique and effective content experience which sets Kingdom Factor apart from other similar organizations.